Lounge History

I can't lie. When my wife and I bought our home, I was delighted to see that there was a bar already built in the basement. Even better is that the bar was located right next to the room that I had decided was going to be the perfect room for the dedicated home theater. This bar area has since become The Man Cave Lounge.

The Man Cave Lounge was first established back in 2006. Within the lounge is the Man Cave Bar and while its actual build date is questionable because it was built by the previous property owner, the lounge, as it now exists, was established in 2006. After moving most of the Hughes family belongings out of our condo and into our new home with the help of two of my new neighbors and long-time good friends, Tim and Dave, the 3 of us decided to christen the bar by polishing off a 750ml bottle of 1800 silver & smoking a few fine cigars. I must also add that while Dave did enjoy a shot or two of the 1800 for christening purposes, he then turned to the Southern Comfort that he snuck in past the bouncers! It is based on this night that at the Man Cave Bar, So. Co. will forever be referred to as 'Bosnia-booze'! (The story behind this is a Man Cave Bar legend and is only told in-house at the bar). In fact, it was on this night that most of the creativity flew and the bar took on its identity.

First, it was established that while most man caves have sports bars or tavern style appeal, the Man Cave Lounge would have a tequila and cigar bar. (This doesn't mean that there aren't a few items here and there showing support to my favorite teams). We established that night that there would be a permanent hand 'man' made ashtray that would forever be available in the Man Cave Lounge. It was established that there would be a top 10 list created of the Top 10 Stupid Things Said at the Man Cave Bar. Again, we thank Dave for this... and by the way, he would like everyone to know that you are not a virgin if you masturbate! (That will be a number 1 that will be very hard to beat). Further, it was established that no one under the age of 18 will be allowed to sit at the Man Cave Bar. Minors are welcome to be in the bar accompanied by an adult, however, they may NOT sit AT the bar! This rule will forever be known at 'The Stephen Rule'. It was also said that the bar needed a 2 tier shelving to accommodate more bottles. This was later built, stained, and given to me by Dave as a house warming gift... and I have to say, it looks GREAT!

We have since had a few gatherings that have added to the power of bar. It has been a place to toast friends, families, and neighbors. It has become a place to hang out as well as a place to retreat to in the event we just need a place to go.

So stop on by... sip a fine tequila, have a beer, and join me in a fine cigar

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